At Critical Concepts we take Research and turn it into Action.

We specialise in

"At the core of each problem/opportunity lies one or more Critical Concepts.

Grasp these Concepts, in all their nuances and implications, and you can change the world."
Our core team has extensive experience in Science, Engineering, Finance, and Education. Together we make the latest scientific discoveries available to a much wider audience.

Every day, all over the world, the best research brains are painstakingly uncovering information vital to our planet, our environment, and us. All too often these discoveries are presented in dense and highly technical formats and only published in inaccessible academic journals. Here they lie dormant, almost useless, until the knowledge is put to use.

Our role is to tease out the significant discoveries and 'translate' them a way that is interesting and informative, as well as practical and useful. Our sources are high powered researchers and investigators, and our audience is everyone else.

The name Critical Concepts stems from the understanding that a few critical ideas have the power to change everything. By seeking out these gems, we aim to entertain, educate, and motivate. When such information results in the solution to real life problems, then that is progress.

Progress can occur in a number of ways. On a large scale, society advances with changes to Government policy, or medical practice, or overall public awareness. These are important and necessary, but the other way to bring about progress is at the personal level, without waiting for the establishment to catch up. In practice, societal change take decades, but personal change can happen much more rapidly. It took 30 years to implement Government sanctioned smoking bans, and yet individuals were able to quit themselves and win back their health the moment they had the right information.

This is our objective:
Action on a personal level, based on the latest research, producing worthwhile results.
The prime focus of our endeavours is the field of Personal Health. We produce books and conduct seminars that present the latest information so that our clients can take control of their own health.

We also publish in the area of Natural History to inspire an appreciation of the natural world and our role in it.

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Mark Hallinan BE(Hons), BSc. MIEAust CPEng
Principal Researcher