Jenolan Caves- the Complete Guide

A 280 page, full colour, hardcover book that explores the magnificent Jenolan Caves near Sydney.

The latest research and historical accounts combines with stunning colour photos of the caves and their iconic formations to make an ideal memento of a trip to Jenolan Caves.

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Rethinking Fat- and what to do about it.

Due early 2014

This book completely re-examines our understanding of why we get fat and what we do about it.

Adult and childhood obesity has ballooned into a global crisis, and a personal tragedy, for far too many people. And yet, despite decades of effort by Governments, doctors, and nutritionists, the majority of the population are still overweight. Billions of dollars are spent each year to make us slim, but as any dieter knows, lasting results remain elusive, to say the least.

With so much failed weight loss advice around it is long past time to examine the medical facts, rather than rely on glossy magazine articles or the hopelessly dysfunctional diet industry. Not content to accept 'known facts', this book goes back to basics and asked, 'Why do we get fat?' The first section of the book critically appraises the medical science and the psychology behind fat.

What is revealed is nothing short of tragic. The popular understanding of why we get fat is rooted in the eat-too-much, exercise-too-little dogma. This 'obvious fact' is, in reality, a fundamental error that has driven generations of dieters to struggle with their weight and fail. Dieters know diets don't work, so what does?

This is the subject of the rest of the book. Once thinking is re-aligned to address the real underlying causes of being overweight, action produces results.